Rex Machina Team Members

Brandon Ciccone, Freshman

Rex Machina Roles: Mechanical Team, Graphic Designer
College of Choice: – Georgia Tech
Planned College Major: – Electrical Engineering
Career Aspirations: – Engineer  
“FIRST has inspired me to be more creative and that robotics is not as complex and difficult as it seems.”

Erik Heitshusen, Senior

Rex Machina Roles: Programming & Scouting, 3D printing and CAD 
College of Choice: Georgia Tech
Planned College Major: Biology
Career Aspirations: Biologist 
“FIRST Robotics has given me valuable experience towards both of my desired careers. As both a programmer and scout for my team, Rex Machina, I have been exposed to both programming and communications in a real world environment. Not only this, but FIRST has allowed me to make some great friends and have fun doing something which could help me in the future!”


Gabriel Page, Sophomore

Rex Machina Roles: Safety Captain, Vice President of Marketing, Social Media
College of Choice: United States Naval Academy 
Planned College Major: Aeronautical Engineering or Architectural Engineering
Career Aspirations: Lead Engineer at Boeing or Lead my own Architectural Firm
“FIRST has allowed me to gain confidence in my speaking abilities as well as my knowledge of robotics and its operations. It also has allowed me to realize how important things such as funding, programing, planing, and execution is when it comes to robotics.”


Cade Skinner, Senior

Rex Machina Roles: President and Captain
College of Choice: Georgia Tech
Planned College Major: Mechanical Engineering 
Career Aspirations: Engineer 
“FIRST has shown me that I enjoy the mechanical aspect of robotics, not just programming.”


Matt Taylor, Freshman

Rex Machina Roles: Junior Safety Captain
College of Choice:  Undecided
Planned College Major:  Undecided
Career Aspirations: Video Editor or Movie Director

“FIRST has enabled me to gain knowledge of complex machinery and how to use it.”

Jack Watson, Senior

Rex Machina Roles: Mechanical and Drive Team
College of Choice: Kennesaw State University
Planned College Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Career Aspirations: Engineer
“FIRST has taught me much about robotics and maintaining a business through outreach and funding.”


Alex Whitaker, Senior

Rex Machina Roles: Pit Captain
College of Choice: Kenesaw State University 
Planned College Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Career Aspirations: Engineer
“FIRST made me realize what I really want to do with my life and also gave me the recourse to find that out.